I consider this work in a few categories:

Therapy is like the Psalms- an honest, cathartic process of voicing hopes and fears.

Therapy is like confession- We confess truth, we confess what is good, we confess what is broken. It is the act of truth telling.

Therapy is like learning to love- it is coming into relationship with estranged parts of yourself, with others, with God.

It is my role to facilitate this process and walk with you in this journey.

My philosophy for therapy is rooted deep in my belief in the gospel; that there is no death too desperate that Christ can’t resurrect it. I find my theoretical roots in relational psychoanalysis, object relations psychology and attachment theory.

Areas of Focus: Sexual addiction, other addictions (i.e. process, chemical, etc), relational issues, trauma, abuse (i.e. sexual, physical, emotional, spiritual), anxiety, depression, manhood and masculinity.