My therapeutic philosophy is eclectic: an approach shaped by Relational Psychotherapy, and British Object-Relations theory in dialogue with the larger field of psychology, philosophy and spiritual traditions.

While some struggles can be solved by functional, solutions oriented approaches, I specialize developing a therapeutic relationship in which self discovery and inner growth can manifest. Less about the functional and directive, this is an emotive, aspirationally impactful approach, based in the long history of the depth/soul work psychotherapy and psychoanalysis have fostered.

I can make no promises on how you will change or grow with treatment but I am committed to mutual impact, a reflective disposition and an on-going therapeutic process which I believe can be transformative.

I pay particular attention to emotional states, family history, overt and covert religious and existential beliefs, cultural and social experiences, symbolism, and identity expression. This is all in hopes of exploring the depth of experience you are learning to express and hold within you.